Website Design - Tamworth

There are four main areas of website design, Business Card Websites, Brochure Websites, Dynamic Websites and Ecommerce Websites. I shall explain these individually.

Business Card Website Design

These tend to be just a page or two long, providing a basic presence on the web for your company, along with the usual contact and company information that one might see on a business card. Typical information illustrated would be your name, address, opening hours, telephone number and email address(es). Usually a brief description of your products or services and maybe a page illustrating some of your products/services.

Brochure Website Design

Brochure websites expand on a business card website and provide your visitors with all of the information they would expect to find, if (for example) you posted them a printed company brochure. We aim to build brochure websites, so that a visitor to your site at 3am who cannot telephone anybody could find out everything they need to know. Typical pages to include are about us, services, portfolio, tariffs, testimonials etc. These sites provide a far better overview of your company and tend to have between six and ten pages. They also have distinct advantages over printed literature.

Firstly, with printed literature, as soon as something changes (prices, contact details etc.), the printed brochure is out of date and needs redoing. Printing costs, although relatively cheap nowadays, are still far more expensive than maintaining a website. Imagine a simple telephone number change on a website versus a number change in a printed brochure. Secondly, a brochure website provides immediate information to a prospective client, no need for them to wait for a brochure to be posted and no postage costs - just provide them with your web address (if they haven't already found it, without the need to contact you). An example of a brochure website is Austrey Pre-School.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic websites are very similar to brochure websites and will include everything a brochure website does. In addition, there will usually be one or more pages, where the user interacts with your website. A contact form, an enquiry form, a booking form etc. are usual additions. A prime example is Chic Wedding Cars, they have a booking form for visitors to enquire on the availability of their wedding cars.

Ecommerce Website Design - Actinic Catalog/Business

Ecommerce is short for Electronic Commerce. Ecommerce websites are often the biggest and best websites available, they usually include all of the above features, plus they illustrate the products you have for sale and enables these products to be purchased online. A user selects the products they would like to purchase, the website processes the order, takes payment and delivery instructions, provides a receipt for the transaction and forwards all details of the transaction to you for completion.

We use Actinic Catalog or Actinic Business for ecommerce websites. There are a number of things to consider with this type of build, we have therefore written a separate guide, which will provide you with an in depth look into what is involved in ecommerce website design. An example of an ecommerce website we have built, is Atlantic Shopping.


If the above seems a little confusing and you are unsure on what type of website your company should be looking to have built, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to talk your website design options through on the phone or via email. The only silly question is one that is never asked!