Timescales on our Website Design Services

A brochure website will take around two weeks before it is ready to go live on the web. This provides enough time to build and incorporate any changes you may like after viewing the draft versions. A large part of any possible delays are often due to the client delaying with certain information or images required for completion of the site.

In contrast an ecommerce website could take two months to complete, often dependant on taking photographs and writing up details on each product. You can choose to add all of the products yourself, in which case two weeks would be ample time to build an ecommerce website.

All websites are built on a test server, where you are welcome to take a look at your site while it is being built. Once the website build commences we will email you with a link to our development server. By clicking on this link you will see your website being built in real time.

It never ceases to amaze us, how little time and effort some businesses are prepared to put into their websites. Every company in the world should have a website and this will be the case in the not too distant future. It is often misunderstood how beneficial a website can be to a company. In retail for example, 9% of all sales will be through a website by the end of 2007. 9% of retail sales completed online is an amazing statistic, especially when you bear in mind that the World Wide Web is not that old and ecommerce has been around for a lot less time. Please take the time and allocate at least a day for preparing information for your website. The more effort put into the build, the more successful your website will be.

We want your website to be as successful as possible, please help us achieve this!