Additions & Amendments To Your Website

Once your website is complete and live on the web, our service to you will not stop there, much the opposite in fact. This is where our relationship begins. Dependant on the purpose of your website, you may wish to make regular amendments, alternatively, in two or three years time you may like a fresh design. Our aim is to retain you as a customer and build a successful mutually beneficial working relationship.

Bear in mind websites that do not change and move with the times are much like out of fashion clothes - few will use them. A website is very similar to a shop front, requiring periodic redesign or freshening up. If the content on your website is regularly updated and added to, this is a good sign for search engines. It shows them that your site is being looked after and is yet another factor taken into consideration through the search engine rankings.

Many of the very successful website owners regularly introduce articles and workshops to their site. These can be a fantastic addition, as not only do they provide your visitors with useful information, often you will find that good articles and workshops are linked to from other websites. As links into your site continue to grow, the search engines will find them, this helps improve the rankings of your website.

Throughout your experience with Website Designed, we guarantee that communication will be in plain English, work on your website will be competitively priced and you will be dealt with in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on 'word of mouth' and recommendations from delighted customers - we never forget this! If your website is successful, this is a great addition to our portfolio and helps our reputation grow, we therefore have a mutual interest in the continued success of every website we build.

If you have an existing website and feel it needs a facelift or perhaps a redesign, please feel free to contact us, we will take a look at your site (FREE of charge) and suggest things that could be done differently.