Support & Help Information

We have all encountered problems or things we did not expect to happen. It is often remarked to judge how good a company is, you need to have shared a problem with them. In short, most companies are fine while things are going well, it is only when you experience some problems and need their help, that you find out how good they really are. How problems or issues are dealt with, is one of the greatest factors you can use in rating how good a company actually is.

Our procedures make it very difficult for anything to fail, for which we are in control. All websites are tested thoroughly across the main three web browsers and you do not pay for your website until you are 100% satisfied with the finished result.

As you are emailed a link to our development server (once we have commenced your build), you can regularly stay in touch with the progress. This method of working has proved to be very successful and our clients have regularly commented on how easy the website building process can be made.

We guarantee to offer any assistance we can, at anytime you may need. Our aim is to build relationships with our clients, ensuring long lasting repeat business. As a customer, you are the very best way for us to advertise. Hundreds of people could visit your site each day, with each visitor being a possible future customer for us.

We endeavour to answer all email enquiries within 24 hours, many will be responded to within an hour or two. In the case of emergencies, if there is no answer on our office landline, a mobile number is provided on our contact us page.