Logo Design Services

If your company already has a logo and you would like to incorporate this onto your website, please provide a copy. Ideally, we would like an electronic version, however sometimes this is not available and a paper copy will suffice. We will do our very best to replicate as close as possible.

If you do not have a logo and would like one designed, this service is included as part of your website building cost. We use state of the art software (currently Photoshop CS4) to create logos. Photoshop is the industry standard for anything image related and is by far the very best software available.

Logo design is an important factor on a website build. Your logo will be one of the very first things your visitors get to see. A nice eye catching logo can work wonders for a website, especially if it blends nicely with the rest of your site. Of all the tasks included in a website build, a logo design is the single item on which we spend the most time. It is common for you to look at 20 or 30 mock ups before we get to something that meets your requirements.

We will often create a page with a number of variants for you to take a look at, you can then agree to certain aspects such as typeface, colours etc. and we then fine tune until you are happy with the finished result. It is important that we are regularly in contact with you, ensuring that your logo is being built to your exact specification, not as we think it should be. With you having permanent access to our development server, once design has begun, you have the most efficient and easy way of keeping in touch with your website build.

On completion of your logo design, you are welcome to have a copy for your own use. You may like to incorporate the logo into business cards or office stationery, in which case your printers will much prefer an electronic version. Once the final version of your logo is agreed upon, a copy can be emailed to you on request.