Setting Up Network Settings In Actinic

Along with the .iaf files for your email account(s), we will also send you a text file (YourCompanyName.txt). This text file contains the network settings for your actinic store. To set these up on your PC, follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure you have setup your email account(s) first, as Actinic will need to send a test email to the account proving that everything is working OK
  2. Save the text file containing your network settings onto your desktop
  3. Open up Actinic and select <Web><Network Setup>. The Actinic website settings screen will appear
  4. Click on <Import>, then <Select Local File> and locate the text file on your desktop, select the file and click <OK>
  5. Actinic will have now imported the settings for you, all you now need to do is click on <Apply> and then <Test>. Actinic will check everything and provide you with a pass or fail confirmation. It will also send you a test email message, hence the need to setup the email account

If you get confirmation that Actinic has passed all tests and you also get the confirmation email, the process is complete and you are now ready to start using Actinic.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have just transferred your domain over to us for hosting (i.e. within the last couple of hours), please bear in mind that the central registry can take a while to update. Most transfers are completed within 4-5 hours, however they can take up to 48 hours to complete. We cannot do anything to speed this process up, it is totally out of our control. You will know when the transfer has been completed as Actinic will pass the network test and your email account will start to work.